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Friday, January 6, 2012


"Just like the sunshine
You have been our light
Leading us into beautiful places
We’ve walked through fire
But You made us brighter
Leading us into beautiful places

Faithful Jesus, healing savior
Compass, center, bread of life
Faithful Jesus, cherished treasure
Our portion, wisdom God’s great light

Just like the starlight
You shine in the black night
Leading us into beautiful places
Just like the atmosphere
You’ve come to surround us here
Leading us into beautiful places

Faithful Jesus, healing savior
Compass, center, bread of life
Faithful Jesus, cherished treasure
Our portion, wisdom God’s great light

God You are here with us
Constantly here with us
You are our everything
Faithful and true."

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Story

If you're reading this, I'm praying for you. As Christians we are called to share the gospel. And our Testimony is the most amazing story we have to share. Also as Christians we should be sharing out testimony, once you share it, go share it again and again, and again.

I posted this on here, because my purpose here is to do things like this, by sharing my testimony. I want you to think about the way God changed a condemned sinner like me, and turn me into something. That is my prayer if you're reading this that no matter where you are in your walk with Christ, that your faith would be strengthened. -Landon

I've been in church all of my life, so you think my life would be good right? Wrong. My whole life I've always heard that I'm not good enough, that I'd never amount to anything. I've been made fun of and picked on every day I've been at school. I fell into a deep depression in the fourth grade. I felt like no one cared about me and that I was just in everyone's way. I quickly became suicidal. I felt so lonely like everyone on the planet was against me. It hurt having to go to church and hear about how God loved us. Where was my share of the love? Why didn't God love me? I asked God into my heart when I was eight, so where was he?

In 2008 my cousin invited me to go to church camp with him. I got in a fight with my uncle the night before leaving and he said God would change my life. Well at camp I "got saved" because my friend did. I thought it would help, but it only made things worse.

I've gotten into a lot of junk in my life. I've battled lust, cut, and attempted suicide.

In 2009 I was accepted to a Christian leadership camp for students at OBU called Super Summer. (I'm still amazed I made it!) I wasn't sure what to expect and was upset that I couldn't be home getting into stuff. That first night, I felt God's love for the first time. My heart was broken, all the walls, bitterness, everything was torn down. I was feeling something unexplainable. I was feeling love. Everything finally clicked and I knew if I don't make a change, I'm going to be gone soon. That night I truly took up my cross and started following God.

Since that day, my life has changed 180 degrees. It took so much time to get over all of the struggles and problems I had. At times I wanted to give up but I had great friends to point me in the right direction, and encourage me. Still today I'm tempted to go back to those addictions and problems, but I won't.

"Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold
To see a revolution somehow.
Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold
To bring a revolution somehow"

"Oh the Glory of it all is:
He came here
For the rescue of us all
that we may live
for the glory of it all
for the glory of it all"

It's my prayer that God reveals to you His love. That you would feel An explosion of His love, and be changed like I was.

God Bless!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll Bring You More Then A Song.

''The heart breaking makes a sound
I never knew could be
So beautiful and loud
Fury filled and we collide

So courageous until now
Fumbling and scared
So afraid You'll find me out,
Alone here with my doubt

Here it comes, a beautiful collision
Is happening now.
There seems no end to where You begin and there I am now
You and I collide

Something circling inside,
Spaciously you fly
Infinite and wide,
Like the moon and sky

Here it comes, a beautiful collision
Is happening now.
There seems no end to where you begin and there I am now
You and I, collide."

This past Wednesday I taught over what worship is. What is worship? Is it singing? Playing guitar, playing at Passion?

To worship is to experience reality, to touch life; It's to know, to feel, to experience the resurrected Christ!

Worship is alot more then singing! If it was all about singing, I'd be flat out screwed because I couldn't sing to save my life! Worship isn't something we necessarily do, it's something we are, its the very reason why we were made.

We were made so we could only be made complete in God. We were made to glorify God through worship.
Worship is the human response to the divine initiative. What does that mean? It means worship is our reaction to the divine, indelible love that has freed us!

Worship is our response to what we know.

"Let me tell you what He has done for me.
Let me tell you what He has done for me,
He has done for you,
He has done for us.

Come and listen,
come and listen to what He's done.
Come and listen,
come and listen to what He's done."

We can't worship if we haven't experienced such a miraculous change.

Worship is only worship if it's real, and from our hearts. It's not just one thing, worship has to be everything! It must be every aspect of our lives, not just at church, or around our peers. If we've experienced such a change then we shouldn't be able to conceal it, to hold it in. It should be bursting from within our soul and blaring out of lifestyle.

Back in the 18th Century, when a woman would become a nun, she would be lain down at the alter as customary ritual was done. She would be surrounded by candles, and would take on a new "habit."

Now back in Middle English times Habit meant : (a) Clothing; also, characteristic attire; clothing and ~; also fig.; (b) a garment; ~ of werres, an article of martial clothing or armor; (c) the characteristic attire of members of a religious or clerical order; monastic habit; also, the attire of a bishop, priest, canon, hermit, etc.; ~ of religioun; the robe of a friar, monk, or nun; ~ of frere, ~ of monk, ~ of nonne; ladi of ~, a nun; man of ~, a monk or friar; rule of ~, monastic rule; nimen the ~, taken (on) the ~, to put on monastic habit, enter monastic life, become a friar, nun, etc. Outward form, appearance, or likeness; guise.

Back to the nuns, as they were given this habit, they begin a new way of life, new name, new clothes. This is how we should be when experience this change in starting a relationship with God. We are given a new fate, life spent with Him, we should take put on this new habit, let it surround us. Our life and outward appearance should say we're changed. This doesn't mean put on the "Christian" T-Shirt, it means live your life differently, show the world that you've been freed!

We worship for what He has done, He is doing, and what He will do.